Andriol appeared on the steroid market relatively recently. Many athletes want to know more about it. Today we are going to look at the dosage and the uses of the drug.

There are very few new anabolic steroids on the market lately. Andriol can be referred to this group. Of course, its youthfulness is a very subjective notion, because the drug was developed in the 80s, whereas most steroids appeared two decades earlier. Besides this, andriol can be considered unique. Together with methyltestosterone, they are considered the most powerful male hormone derivatives used orally.

Andriol in bodybuilding

It is known that testosterone in its pure form is completely ineffective when taken orally. But the active substance testosterone nundecanoate, which is the main substance in andriol, is just that. The point is that testosterone after oral administration is immediately deposited in the liver, while testosterone nondecanoate is absorbed into the blood through the intestines. In this case, a very important fact is the complete safety of andriol for the liver. Of course, for this purpose it is necessary to follow all the recommendations, which are contained in the instructions for use.

Testosteroneundecanoate itself is a complex compound of fatty acids in the form of an ester. Once in the body, it is almost completely converted into dihydrotestosterone, the breakdown product of the male hormone. This entails a very weak aromatization effect of andriol, which automatically eliminates the possibility of gynecomastia or increased accumulation of fat. This makes Andriol a great alternative to injectable testosterone-based products.

This feature of the drug is used by athletes for drying. Also, the steroid is quickly enough eliminated from the body, which without a doubt makes it even more attractive for use in the period of preparation for competitions.

Andriol – side effects

Essentially, the drug is completely safe. However, this applies to male athletes. Available online reviews of the drug say that women should not use it. This is due to a decrease in the estrogen background in the body.

The steroid can cause an increase in blood pressure, the development of hypersexuality and increase fluid retention in the body. Men may experience increased erections when taking andriol. There is no information about other side effects. At you can find a wide range of steroids and SCT products for athletic performance.

Effects of andriol

As mentioned above, the drug is absorbed quite quickly in the gastrointestinal tract and immediately enters the bloodstream. The peak of testosterone levels in the body comes two hours after intake, and holds for the duration of the day. The mechanism of action on the body and the effects of the drug are similar to other steroids of the androgenic group. Among the main ones, we can distinguish the following:

The drug combines well with most steroids. For gaining muscle tissue mass, winstrol is the best combination option. It is also effective to use the drug in conjunction with deca, replacing Dianabol with andriol as part of the course. This combination of drugs is completely safe for the body, and it is perfect for beginners and those athletes who care about their own health.

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