In the mouse I use old AA batteries with a small residual capacity. It feels like the sound of the new mikriks is a little louder, not even that – a little louder. According to the sound of the clatter, the least loud ones were selected, although this is purely subjective – it is very difficult to determine by ear. P.P.S. A week of daily work – there were no false positives. But I paid almost the same amount for the track – so calmer. This is a micro-review of microswitches. The battery charge is enough for 30-40 days of work. According to a fair comment from users, I dismantled one button – no silver / gold-plated contacts were found. P.S.

How long they will work – let’s see, the time has come. Ordinary white metal, not coated with anything. The search for donors began immediately. All mikriks (20 pieces exactly) were previously checked by a short circuit tester. To be honest, I didn’t look at brands like Omron because of the cost, but chose what was cheaper.
Conclusion – the mikriki are working, the mouse is cured, the pets are happy.

Everything is simple.
First, the left, and a week later, the right mikrik began to show off – sometimes it didn’t work the first time, then vice versa – after a single press, three or four actions were performed at once. My good old Logitech M195 tailless mouse after years of hard work started coughing and stuttering. We disassemble, pull out the board, solder the old ones, solder the new ones, clean the board, assemble it in the reverse order. Two of the same half-dead always lie at the ready. In any case, the spares are already lying around, changing them is a matter of 10 minutes. Next is the replacement process itself. There are no remarks in appearance – there is no flash, the conclusions are of the same size, the inscriptions are clear. The parcel came surprisingly quickly – in 15 days. At least that’s what I like to think. ))) I get it, so to speak.

Microswitches for the mouse.

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